A visual designer at heart with experience in Visual Communication, Design Research, and User Experience Design. My approach towards the design of a brand, product, service or experience is to give as much importance to how people engage with it, as to how it looks.

I enjoy crafting visual experiences, designing and conducting research, and collaborating with people from different disciplines.

After pursuing my undergraduate studies in Graphic Media Design at London College of Communication, I worked at design studios in London, Singapore, and Bangalore. I soon identified a need to look deeper into the ‘why’ of what I was designing – this realization led me to a masters in research in Information Environments. My masters thesis project “Out of the Box” shows my keen interest in Design for Learning and creativity as a form of intelligence. I now work as an Independent Design Consultant from Bangalore, India.

Apart from my passion for art & design, I have a great love for Japanese ceramics, travel, and good food.

The goal of design is to raise
the expectation of what design can be.

Paula Scher