Creating delightful work spaces


Wego is an online travel search-engine for flights, hotels and holiday rentals. Their office in Bangalore, India, needed an interiors revamp to liven up the work environment and reinforce the brand.

A theme that fuses travel and Indian culture was created to help people better connect to their workplace.

Murals for the head office in Singapore were also designed.

Celebrating Travel & Culture

The Wego branding was incorporated as signage on the building facade for better visibility. Posters and visuals at the entrance of the building and office were created with the travel theme in mind.

Illustrations using the Wego brand colors were created that weave together various aspects of Indian culture, sights, seasons, and flora fauna.

The ‘chill-out’ room was given a beach-side theme for employees to have a relaxing space to spend time in.

Singapore office graphics

An entrance mural that showcases the history of Wego in the area of Boat Quay – where the company was founded.

A mural at the center of the office space portraying a global travel theme.